New music for extended gong/chime percussion orchestra.

Performed by Gamelan Pacifica
Directed by Jarrad Powell

Includes works by John Cage, Jon Keliehor, Jeff Morris, and Jarrad Powell, plus two collaborative compositions by Signy Jakobsdottir, Jon Keliehor, Tom Fallat, and Jarrad Powell.

This CD was originally released in 1994 by What Next? Recordings. Proceeds from its sale now benefit the American Gamelan Institute. Recordings available from Amazon and from CD Baby. Also available on iTunes.

THE WIRE of London says, "The range of pieces is impressive. . . highly recommended."

DOWNBEAT (4.5 stars very good/excellent) "Gamelan Pacifica develops contemporary compositions for ancient mallet instruments, influenced by traditional themes and rhythms. Pristine and accomplished, Trance Gong captures the beauty, fragility, and meditative aspects of instrumental gamelan music."

OPTION magazine of Los Angeles concludes, "In all, music of serene beauty. This group ... is a leading innovator in contemporary gamelan music, combining Balinese and Javanese traditions with Western influences.... All the pieces highlight the gamelan's delicacy and subtle emotions.


Small of My Back (10'40")1990 by Signy Jakobsdottir, Jon Keliehor, Tom Fallat, and Jarrad Powell; for aluminum gamelan instruments, kendang, suling, and harmonizer; © 1990 by Gamelan Pacifica

Rain (10'49") 1987 by Jeff Morris; for Javanese gamelan; © 1987 by Jeff Morris

Trance Gong (8'50") 1990 by Signy Jakobsdotter, Jon Keliehor, Tom Fallat, and Jarrad Powell; for Roto-Toms and xiao-bo; © 1990 by Gamelan Pacifica

In a Landscape (8'05") 1948 by John Cage; arranged for aluminum gamelan instruments by Jarrad Powell; © 1960 by Henmar Press, Inc.

Gending Erhu (10'30") 1983 by Jarrad Powell; for aluminum gamelan and erhu; Warren Chang, erhu; © 1983 by Jarrad Powell

Peaches of Immortality ( 10'45") 1991 by Jon Keliehor for Javanese gamelam; © 1991 by Jon Keliehor

Engineered by Jon Keliehor; Al Swanson (on Gending Erhu).
Produced by Gamelan Pacifica and Steve Peters.
Cover illustration from a woodcut by Robert Williamson.
Graphic layout by Michael Motley.
Special thanks to Cornish College of the Arts, Kent Devereaux, and Tom Nast.